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A Westerns Views on Buddha Paintings

The Buddha paintings I have seen on the net and in person during my travels to Asian were captivating and inspiring. They were as varied in inspiration as there are facets on an infinite diamond. You can also buy buddha wall decor through

Each artist seemed to tap into a specific wavelength of energy, truth or intention and sought to communicate that through their art. I saw Buddha paintings of just Buddha faces, or even just his eyes.

There were full body paintings showing him in all sorts of postures, gestures and holding different mudras. I have to confess my favorite depictions seemed to be those that showed only the Buddha's face.

I found these Buddha paintings to be more intimate than the full body depictions. And the close up of the eyes were just too abstract for me. I am curious of those of you who are reading this… "what has been your experience and feelings when viewing various paintings of the Lord Buddha?"

I also like the paintings that used oil paints more than ink, mosaic or water color, and were traditional in form/function and detail. I liked the clear lines, shapes, shadows and definitions as opposed to viewing a van gogh or impressionistic style of Buddha; of which really did not communicate as powerfully to me as the others.

Please feel free to enjoy any style of inspired art that moves you upward and fills you with joy. As for me, I love to have a Buddha painting or two as focal pieces in my home decorating scheme.