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A Question and Answer Guide for Home Inspections

A house inspection is an examination of a home's visible and accessible systems and components (plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, structure, roof, and so on), with the goal of providing the customer (buyer, seller, or homeowner) with a better understanding of the home's overall condition.

Typically, a buyer will seek an inspection of a home that he or she is serious about buying. A home inspection provides information that can be used to corroborate or refute buying decisions, as well as identify critical and/or expensive-to-repair flaws that the seller/owner may be unaware of. You can get the best service of the home inspection via Breathe Clean Again.

Tips To Choose A Very Good Home Inspector - The Architects Diary

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The following are the key results to look for during a house inspection:

1. Significant defects, such as huge differential foundation cracks; a building that is not level or plumb; decks that are not correctly placed or supported, and so on.

2. Things that could lead to serious flaws, such as a leaking roof flashing, broken downspouts that could produce backup and water incursion, or a support beam that wasn't correctly linked into the building.

3. Hazards such as exposed electrical wire, the lack of GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) in kitchens and bathrooms, the lack of safety railing on decks higher than 30 inches off the ground, and so on.

Your inspector will give you advice on how to deal with these issues. He or she may recommend – and in the case of major issues, almost surely will – that the defect be evaluated by licensed or certified individuals who are experts in the defect areas.