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A Few Types of Marketing we Should be Aware of

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Companies in the world have one aim which is to introduce their products and services so that the customers can hear and read. The only way for customers to get to know about the company is by marketing. Marketing is the art of promoting their products in order to survive in the market and generate profit. When it comes to marketing, there are many types that work in a different manner. These are some of those types of marketing we should be aware of.

  1. Outbound Marketing – Traditional marketing is another name for outbound marketing. It is the oldest form of marketing that comprises of phone calls to businesses and customers, sending cold mails, advertising and more. When it comes to ROI, outbound marketing has low ROI as it takes a long time for generating leads (customers).
  2. Inbound Marketing – The opposite of outbound marketing is inbound marketing. It also has another name called as digital marketing that depends on various tools. The tools include SEO, email marketing, PPC advertising etc.
  3. Online Marketing – This form of marketing is quite similar to inbound marketing. It uses internet in order to promote products and services helping companies to generate profit. Blogs, search engine marketing, social media platforms and many more tools are used for online marketing.
  4. Offline Marketing – Offline marketing as the name suggests is totally opposite to online marketing. This form of marketing uses mails, word-of-mouth, radio channels and many other such tools for promoting a business.

For a digital marketing company to succeed, it is important to also invest in marketing training courses for their employees.