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A Brief History of Mountain Bikes

Today's mountain bikes are specially designed using the most modern materials available. However, this sport is still relatively new and so far there are no specially designed bikes. Here we take a look at the history of mountain bikes from their appearance to the models we know today. You can explore more details about mountain e-bike via

A Brief History of Mountain Bikes

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The first model

Until the 1970s, the only form of cycling was on the streets. Suddenly there was a gap in the market and manufacturers took advantage of my presentation of a motorcycle suitable for off-road driving.

Component repair

The overall design of mountain bikes will not change for nearly the next decade. Of course, various components such as the gearbox and the braking system have been improved. Likewise, newer materials were used to make the motorbike lighter and stronger, and the steel frame was removed.

New introduction

There were some really big changes to the overall look and feel of a mountain bike in the early 1990s. The first is the introduction of the end of the bar, which is a curved extension that fits over the end of a regular handlebar and slopes upward.

Back to the future

The use of stem tips became less common in the late 1990s. Many drivers find that they often get stuck on circular branches while driving, causing accidents. The fact that the rider's hand is also away from the brake lever when the end of the bar is used means that if there is a sudden obstacle it will take longer to break.