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A Brief Guide About The Order Management Cycle

The process of ordering is what happens between order placement and delivery. This is an important element of retail order fulfillment where accuracy and reliability lead to customer satisfaction. Depending on the operation, order processing can be manual (handwritten on an order log sheet), or highly technological and data-driven through online orders and automated ordering software.

The order processed chain is an end-to-end process that starts when a customer buys a product and continues until delivery and sometimes returns. To provide a seamless customer experience, the process involves many moving parts that are often managed by separate entities.

What is an Order Management System?

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Here is a quick overview of each stage in the order management process.

Place your order:

Customers place orders from various locations, at different times, and through every channel.

Received your order:

After the order has been placed, the information is sent to the fulfillment center for processing.

You have selected your order:

The act of picking generally refers to following the picking checklist and retrieving product(s), then delivering them to a packing station.

All orders are packaged:

After the order has been delivered to the packaging area it is packaged in a way that minimizes its dimensional weight and still provides sufficient protection. 3PLs offer the ability to create custom packaging for customers to give them a personalized unboxing experience.


After the item has been packed, it is shipped to the customer. Every order gets a tracking number that is shared with customers. This allows them to track the order's progress at every stage.

Item delivered:

Finally, the items are delivered to their destination. But, were they the right products? They were delivered on time. Your odds of success are much higher if your order management is impeccable.